Tyumen Oil Group is a promising private Russian oil and gas company.

The main oil and gas production and export assets are located in Western Siberia.

The possibility of building gas processing and oil refineries, chemical plants for processing natural gas.


The company is mainly engaged in the exploration, production, processing and marketing of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons.

Our Strategic Partners:


Investment program:

Negotiations on an investment project for the construction of gas processing plants for the production of methanol and a chemical plant for the production of polymers, a seaport with a port railway station and a multi-block residential town are approaching the final phase.

The construction site of this enterprise will be geographically located in the Leningrad region.

Submitted for discussion the feasibility study of an oil refinery with the possibility of deep processing from 6 million tons per year. The construction site is the Tyumen region. The plant expects to process only its own resources.


Our main production areas are concentrated in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KHMAO) in Western Siberia. KHMAO is the most significant gas producing region in Russia, accounting for about 90% of natural gas production in Russia and about 17% of global gas production.

TyumenOil Group owns 22 sites with oil deposits in the amount of 278 million tons of oil confirmed and registered with the FBU GKZ and 3 (three) through licenses for: Geological exploration, Loot, Recycling.


Our strategic goal is to use our competitive advantages in gas processing on a sustainable and profitable basis.

The ultimate goal: the supply of finished products to other regions of Russia, including foreign countries.


President: Khachaturyan Zaven Vakhtangovich

CEO: Piskunov Sergey Vitalievich

Technology Director and Investment Director: Afenin Oleg Mikhaylovich

Technical Director: Osadchy Igor Vasilyevich


Address 111024, Russia, Moscow, Entusiastov Shosse 20
Tel/fax +7 (495) 762 21 00
Email tyumenoilgroup@mail.ru